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About Us

“We feel 100% more positive about the future,” - Year 4 Parent

Hawkswood Primary PRU & SEMH Provision

Hawkswood Primary PRU is the Primary Pupil Referral Unit serving all primary schools in LBWF. It forms part of the Hawkswood Group which incorporates 3 PRUs, and Alternative Provisions. The primary PRU also has a Primary SEMH resourced provision. Hawkswood Primary is run day-to-day by the Associate Head and two Deputy Heads. In April 2017, the previous Associate Headteacher left Hawkswood to take up a more senior role in another borough and the first deputy, Marie Gentles (in post from January 2010) acted up until a permanent Associate Head position was advertised; and was successful in securing the Associate Head post in September 2017. The first deputy Leah Mwaniki, acted up from second deputy (appointed in 2014) in April 2017; and secured the permanent first deputy post from September 2017. The second deputy Katie L’Aimable, came into post in September 2017. The previous Executive Head of the Hawkswood Group retired in December 2017 and the newly appointed Executive Head Catherine Davies, came into post in January 2018. The Executive Head of the Hawkswood Group provides strategic leadership for all Waltham forest PRUs.  Her role is to line-manage the Associate Heads and work with the SLT on all matters of school improvement and safeguarding. The safeguarding and inclusion lead for the Hawkswood Group is Olivia Lee. At present we have an agency class teacher covering one of the Key Stage 2 (KS2) classes and a newly appointed teacher started in September 2018.

Hawkswood Primary provides a nurturing learning environment in which children are enabled to make personal growth, better manage their own emotions and behaviour, and make academic progress. The children acquire a new love of learning and are taught to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Our aim for every child is:

~To enable pupils to overcome difficulties which have become barriers to learning through a nurturing approach and a meaningful curriculum.   

~To assess/address the educational needs of each pupil in order to to plan and implement a personalised programme of success which includes personal growth and academic progress.

 ~To raise self-esteem and build resilience.

 ~To develop appropriate conflict resolution skills.

~To work with the Borough’s schools in helping pupils manage their social, emotional and mental health difficulties in order to make progress and reach their potential, where appropriate, in a mainstream setting.

Hawkswood Primary is set in an extremely pleasant corner of the borough, adjoining Epping Forest and well away from main roads.  In November 2016 we moved into our brand new building which was designed specifically to meet the needs of our children. It has six teaching areas, one small group room and a library.  We also have a food technology suite, dining hall and multi-purpose hall, and access to a large playground and school hall.  These areas are shared with the KS3 pupils attending Hawkswood Secondary Therapeutic Provision (located on the first floor of the building), but are carefully timetabled for separate use.

Hawkswood Primary PRU and SEMH provision share the same building and facilities, and are managed by the same Headteacher and Deputy Headteachers.   All classes have up to 8 pupils with no less than one teacher and one additional adult.  The pupil roll and admissions procedures are separate but the school is totally inclusive, and both PRU & SEMH pupils are completely integrated.  

Our School day 

- The school day starts promptly at 8.30am. All children are provided with the option of breakfast which includes a drink and wholemeal cereals. The purpose of this breakfast time is to assess the children's emotional state on entry to school each morning, in order for staff to support the children in meeting their emotional needs. This enables them to access the school's curriculum effectively for the rest of the day. 

- At 8.40am Key Stage 2 children take part in daily PE lessons. The Nurture Group classes join together to participate in daily mid morning PE lessons.

- On a Friday the children have swimming lessons at our local swimming pool where they work towards credited swimming awards. 

- The children have a 30 minute lunch break, staggered from 12-1pm daily. At the end of the school day all pupils have a 30 minute 'after school club' which consists of a variety of engaging activities. 

- Key Stage 2 children have Spanish and singing lessons once a week.


Children are expected to wear the uniform of their mainstream School. This is so that the pupils understand that they are still part of their mainstream school and they have come to Hawkswood as an intervention. We do not have a uniform at Hawkswood, but request pupils wear a plain dark coloured jumper or polo shirt and black or grey school trousers/skirt. Shoes or trainers should be black.

Hoods, jeans and baseball caps are not allowed to be worn in school.


Only stud earrings (of a reasonable size) are permitted. Your child may wear a watch if (s)he is able, or learning, to tell the time. Our Health and Safety policy does not allow necklaces, rings or bangles to be worn.

Mobile Phones & personal belongings

Children are NOT permitted to bring mobile phones or other personal belongings into school. Hawkswood Primary School does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of personal items. Should you feel that you have exceptional circumstances which warrant the need for your child to bring a mobile phone to school, please make your request to the Headteacher in writing for her consideration.