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Admissions: Student Welfare

Schools can refer a child to the Fair Access Panel (FAP) to request a place at the PRU, if a child is at risk of exclusion because their behaviour makes them difficult to manage.  A panel of head teachers, chaired by the Head of Behaviour, Attendance and Children Missing Education (BACME) will listen to the case and decide collectively if the child would benefit from a period of short intervention at Hawkswood Primary PRU.  If the panel are in agreement with an allocation, then the parent will be informed in writing of the panel’s decision and the Head or Deputy of the PRU will contact the parent to arrange an admissions meeting.  Our aim is to admit new pupils within 10 working days.

Pupils are also admitted following direct referral by the Local Authority if they need to access our specialist SEND provision for ASD. Also admissions to our Forest Pathway College are for new entrants to the Borough who have limited English as a second language and these get typically referred directly by the Local Authority.

How are children selected?

The process of selecting children is as followed:

1.   A concern regarding a child (Reception - Year 2 for KS1 Nurture Group referral & Years 3 - 6 for a PRU referral) is raised by the school/parent.

2.   A referral made to FAP (Fair Access Panel),by the mainstream school.

3.   The class teacher completes Boxall forms and collates reports etc.

4.   Referrals are discussed at panel and if the PRU is seen as a possible intervention, the admission process begins.

5.    A meeting will be held with the parents/carers and consent to join the Nurture Group/PRU will be sought.

6.   The child will join either the Nurture Group for three whole days and attend their mainstream for two whole days, or the PRU for five whole days for approximately two terms.

Pupil Referral Units and Alternative provision in the London Borough of Waltham Forest provide education to borough children and young people between KS1 - 4 who at some point in their education, are unable to attend mainstream school. 

Schools and Academies in the LA collaborate in the process of identification and evaluation of pupils needs, the placement of pupils in Pupil Referral Units or Alternative provision as required and the monitoring of outcomes for pupils educated out of school through a Fair Access Panel (FAP). 

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Provision

The Assessment, Placement  & Review Officer (APRO) from the Local Authority SEN Team will consult the Headteacher for a place.  If the Head Teacher believes the school can meet the child’s needs, without detriment to the current pupil population, then the child will be offered a place.  As part of the admissions procedure there will be a number of visits to the school for the child and parents.  We recommend that pupils have a part-time timetable for two weeks prior to attending full time to ensure induction and success into our high standard of learning culture and aspiration. This process involves a home visit and a holistic wellbeing review.