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Alternative Provision


A warm welcome from Gabrielle Grodentz, Associate Headteacher for Hawkswood Alternative Provision.

Hawkswood Alternative Provision (AP) provides opportunities for students in Year 10 and 11 who have struggled to cope in mainstream education. We offer students the chance to succeed in different settings: Colleges, Independent Schools and Free Schools.

Our curriculum is varied and focuses on core subjects as well as providing a vocational offer. The majority of our students prefer this approach as it does not require them to complete nine to ten subjects, which for some can be a rather daunting task.

We recognise that many of our students have had a very negative experience of education. Our aim therefore is to develop our students to be confident learners who see education as a route into their future ambitions and goals. We want to encourage students to become enthusiastic about learning and enjoy attending their provision on a regular basis. To this end we work hard to make lessons as engaging and interactive as possible while instilling in our cohort the key skills to make them productive and valued members of our society.

At the forefront of all the work that we do with our students is the focus on our core principles: Empower – Aspire – Achieve.

We have a strong belief that with the right support all students are capable of achieving. To this end we ensure that our providers are well staffed and resourced to offer the essential well rounded assistance that the majority of our students require.

In order to ensure that we meet our targets all providers are Quality Assured annually by the Hawkswood Group and Senior Leaders from our local schools, the reports when completed are published for schools and parents to read.

Referrals to AP are made by the student’s home school or through the BACME team. If you wish to find out more please contact one of the team who will be happy to help.


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