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Burnside Home Learning

 Remote learning will be provided via Google Classroom in the event of any students needing to self -isolate or classes  needing to be sent home due to Covid related staff absence.                              


How can staff  improve outcomes for traumatised children?
  • create relationships with children
  • create a safe and caring classroom and school environment
  • be predictable
  • make each child especially the ones with challenges feel valued
  • set up a safe place in class where students can calm themselves
  • teach children about the brain
  • teach children ways to calm themselves down and self regulate
  • build a support system using focusing on loving support rather than punitive consequences
  • Use visual aids and social stories eg ‘school bubble’
  • be aware of your own self care so you can model wellness and be calm yourself as you deal with difficult behaviours

Teaching staff have prepared Home Learning packs for each subject on offer at Burnside. These packs should be used in the event of the school closing due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. These packs will also be made available to pupils as hard copies.

Students should complete the work set by each subject based on the following time allocations:

  • 8 hours per week for English and Maths
  • 6 hours per week for all other subjects
  • Complete 2 SMSC Powerpoints per week

It is vital that pupils complete the work provided by their teachers to ensure that they are continuing to learn in line with the National Curriculum, avoiding gaps in knowledge, and so they are prepared for any assessments later in the year.

Please use the list on the right hand side to navigate to the work prepared for your class.

Look at the Independent learning tips below:

Reading resources:

There is a free digital library called readON  providing the safest and most effective way for children to read from home. This is free access to a digital library of over 5000 books, free to use immediately for all students in our school.