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Welcome to the Hawkswood family

We aim for each of our young people to lead an enriched, successful and happy life by developing the skills, attitudes and qualities for them to move successfully along their life journeys. This includes academic outcomes that reflects the best of their abilities, being able to sustain relationships and employment and maintaining strong resilient mental wellbeing. We encourage and value healthy attitudes to keeping themselves and others safe and well. The wellbeing of everyone is an equal priority as we model our provision around the highest principles to: Empower - Aspire - Achieve.

We follow a reflective and restorative approach with the highest aspiration for everyone. Parents/carers, staff and our students  work collaboratively in a solution focused, growth mindset, can-do approach.

Catherine Davies
Executive Headteacher/ CEO

About Our Provisions

We are a highly ambitious family of provisions which comprises Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provision (PRUs/AP) as well as specialist provision for ASD. The PRUs and Alternative Provision provide education to borough children and young people between KS1 - 4 who, at some point in their education career, are in need of specialist support and provision for a number of reasons. We provide highly personalised learning and support which is age appropriate, with a clear focus on re – integration, future pathways and progression. Our ASD learners have individual tailored pathways devised to suit individual needs. We believe that securing learner achievement, developing relience and ambition and preparing our young people to successfully embrace life, is the very best definition of what we do.

The PRU and AP provisions are funded by a combination of place led funding and commissioning by schools. The key accountabilities for all provisions and outcomes are, therefore, to schools and parents/carers. All these services are offered in accordance with statutory regulations, requirements and guidance. The quality assurance of all provision is through Ofsted inspection, internal audit and performance monitoring.

 PRUs may provide full or part time education. They may offer education directly or can organise packages of educational provision involving other providers, e.g. Further Education colleges and programmes offered by the private (including independent schools) and voluntary sectors. We have 3 PRUs in LBWF and 1 management committee to govern them.

In addition to the PRUs, pupils taught in out of school settings in LBWF are also offered placements in commissioned alternative provisions. This wide range of opportunities is incorporated under the overarching structure of the Hawkswood family. We are in an exciting and transformational phase of development and are currently in the process of adapting to embrace the emerging need of young people in Waltham Forest.