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Burnside Secondary PRU


'Our headteacher is a legend! She is firm but fair and always listens to us even when we are not demonstrating the best attitude. This school has reset my life.' Year 11

A warm welcome from Bridget Solecka Associate Headteacher of Hawkswood Burnside Secondary PRU since March 2018, I am delighted to be leading the school to an exciting future under our recent restructure. Hawkswood Burnside Pupil Referral (PRU) provision provides opportunities for children who have struggled to cope in the London Borough of Waltham Forest's (LBWF) mainstream schools to re-engage in education. We serve all of the Secondary schools in Waltham Forest and our staff team are committed to providing the very best education for our young people. I am proud of what we offer. I am proud of our staff team who demonstrate positive attitudes and role model the values and attributes that our young people need to be successful: resilience; growth mindset; passion for education; ambition and high standards. We have a strong track record of delivering excellence and personalised learning.

 We offer a short-term intervention (typically two terms to one Year) for children at KS3 and KS4 who are struggling to cope in mainstream school and whose behaviour puts them at risk of exclusion. We offer a nurturing learning environment in which children are enabled to make personal growth, better manage their own emotions and behaviour, and make academic progress. 


'You share a common understanding of how best to support secondary pupils who have struggled to succeed in mainstream schools. You have built very positive partnerships with other headteachers and local authority officers within Waltham Forest. This has ensured that the number of pupils who are permanently excluded within the borough has remained low. For example, you have developed a well-qualified and experienced team of learning mentors to work within secondary schools to identify pupils who need additional support and assist with the return of those returning to mainstream settings'.  Ofsted Report 2016

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