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COVID 19 On-line Learning

School is open as normal and we are pleased to have our pupils in school full time.

On the occasion we have to close due to a confirmed case of COVID19 or for those families who are shielding, we are using google classroom to share lessons and learning tasks. 

We have become google classroom experts at school.  If we need to isolate we will be able to put these new expert skills to use!

We know that having a routine and schedule for the day will help manage our workload and improve our wellbeing.  Please follow your regular timetable and access lessons at the normal time you would be in class.

Schedule for our school day on-line

8.00am  Wake up bright and early, shower and dress - yes you are fabulous!

8.30am  Fuel yourself for learning.

8.50am  Laptop ready and log-on to google classroom.

9.00am  Lesson 1

9.55am  Lesson 2

10.50am  Break - don't forget to drink and stretch your legs, take your eyes away from the screen

11.05am  Lesson 3

12.00pm  Lesson 4

12.55pm  Lunch - time for a brain break and refuel

1.30pm  Lesson 5

Remember the rewards to our learning:

- Busy minds and using our brains

- Personal progress and achievement,

- Building a future that will help give us choices and enable us to follow our interests

- Pride in your work and self-confidence and belief that you are awesome!


Families who struggle to log-in, please contact Mr Brain who will support you to get into class.

Paper based learning is available on request, please contact Mr Brain for further details.