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Careers Programme


We have appointed a Careers and Employability Lead across the Hawkswood Group and are co-ordinating a full programme across provisions to further strengthen our extensive careers and employability readiness programmes. More information to be posted in January 2019 as we are developing a relationship with The Prince's Trust in preparing our young people for an exciting future.

I am thrilled to be leading Careers & employability within the Hawkswood Group from January 2019.I deeply believe that we live in a world where education is fundamentally a key path in a child’s life however it is just as important to provide a careers programme to support students to Aspire & Achieve a skill set that will enable them to succeed post education. A good quality careers education will raise the aspirations of all young people. 

We recognise that not all students are academic and some of our student are very vulnerable and therefore may need early intervention in Careers guidance to avoid them of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training). We also provide post 16 transition support.

I aim to build a strong careers department that will motivate all students by linking activities in school with preparation for life post 16. CEIAG will therefore contribute to raising student achievements, help students focus on their long-term career ambitions and ensure an equality of opportunity for all.

Please refer to the careers policy document for details of student entitlement and related information about the programme. All information, together with the careers policy is reviewed and updated annually, however information may be revised throughout the year to reflect the new regulations and/or to meet the additional needs of students.

The Careers programme is developed in consideration of the CDI (Career Development Institute) framework and the Gatsby Report's benchmarks.  Three key areas are:

Self Development - through careers, employability and enterprise education

Careers Exploration - learning about careers and the world of work                           

Career Management - learning how to develop career management and employability skills (to include managing changes and transitions)

I look forward to all students successfully achieving their future career goals.

Careers & Employability Lead

“You paved the way for my son, you moulded him into this new confident person, he is very happy with his course at college and already knows what career he wants in the future. Thank you again for your on-going support”…  Year 11 parent