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Challenge and Aspiration

At Burnside we believe it is absolutely imperative to break the cycle of aspirational disadvantage.

Our intention is to show our pupils they don’t need to face the challenges of the future alone and that they should aspire to be the best they can.  

  1. Keep high aspirations at the heart of your vision 
  2. Develop student resilience 
  3. Create a culture where young people are offered a second chance and the guidance and support required to successfully return to mainstream education
  4. Promote a growth mind set and solution-focused attitude to all challenges
  5. Celebrate success and promote wellbeing for all 

How can staff  improve outcomes for students:

  • Create relationships with children
  • Create a safe and caring classroom and school environment
  • Be predictable
  • Make each child especially the ones with challenges feel valued
  • Set up a safe place in class where students can calm themselves
  • Teach children about the brain
  • Teach children ways to calm themselves down and self regulate
  • Build a support system using focusing on loving support rather than punitive consequences
  • Use visual aids and social stories eg ‘school bubble’
  • Be aware of your own self care so you can model wellness and be calm yourself as you deal with difficult behaviours