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Creative Arts, Healthy Lifestyles and Culture Fortnight 2019

Creative Arts, Healthy Lifestyles and Culture Fortnight 2019
Monday 3rd June
Music Workshop 1


Tuesday 4th June
Music Workshop 2
Wednesday 5th June
Wetlands Country walk
Thursday 6th June
Music Workshop 3
Friday 7th June
Natural history Museum

Monday 10th June

Self Defence day

Tuesday 11th June

Music Workshop 4

Wednesday 12th June


Thursday 13th June

Picnic/Fun day Valentines park Ilford

Friday 14th June

Science Museum

Music workshops:

Monday 3rd June, Tuesday 4th June, Thursday 5th June and Tuesday 11th June

The music workshops were designed to enable students to express themselves in new ways, which can lead to increased confidence, greater understanding, raised self-esteem and self-expression. The music workshops involved improvising, composition, writing lyrics, rapping/singing and performing to promote communication, expressiveness, social skill, engagement and relationship building. It also gave students an opportunity to exhibit their work in an end performance. This allowed students to see themselves as worthy to show their artistic expression to an audience.

SMSC: Listening to, creating or performing music can sometimes be a moving and even spiritual experience. We encourage children to reflect on the important effect that music has on people’s moods, senses and quality of life. Students had the opportunity to encounter music from different cultures and, through their growing knowledge and understanding of the music; they develop more positive attitudes towards other cultures and societies.

Careers : students are encouraged by giving them a platform to showcase their work, listening and learning first-hand advise and insight into the music industry that will give them real and practical advice and information and gain practical experience from workshops.

Wetlands Country walk:

Wednesday 5th June

Our students visited the Wetlands at Walthamstow. 

Just 15 minutes from central London, Walthamstow Wetlands is free to visit and easy to get to.

Walthamstow Wetlands is the capital's largest urban wetland nature reserve, providing a special home to many important wildlife species. The nature reserve encompasses 10 large reservoirs, which deliver water to 3.5 million Thames Water customers.

Walthamstow Wetlands is internationally important for wildlife, especially for migrating waterfowl, which fly many thousands of miles/kilometres to get here. The nature reserve is a Site of Special Scientific Interest; forms part of the Lee Valley Special Protection Area and is included in The Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance. 

We walked the paths around the reservoirs, we covered 10k walking around and saw many different types of water birds, many of them had babies and were amazing to watch. We visited the café, situated in the Engine House Visitor Centre. The students enjoyed this experience and we would certainly look into the programme of learning, training, volunteering and school sessions which seek to create future custodians of the site and nurture awareness of water sustainability, wildlife conservation and the natural world.

Natural history Museum:

Friday 7th June

11 Year 10 pupils were given the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum in Kensington. The unseasonal cold and wet weather did little to dampen spirits, and a great day was had by all pupils and staff alike.

Pupils were able to further explore and develop their knowledge of life sciences and the reproductive system, linking in with their current programme of study.

Additionally for almost all of the pupils, this represented an opportunity to travel by public transport into Central London and visit one of Britain’s truly iconic museums. The pupils were amazed at the scale of the building and several of the exhibits on display.

On route we discussed career opportunities with TFL and how the museum was dependent on people performing a wide range of different roles.

Most pupils fell asleep on the Victoria Line on the way back to school! A good sign of a busy, educational and fun day. Well done Year 10, you were a credit to Burnside!

Self Defence Day:

Monday 10th June

On Monday the 10th June our pupils made the trip across to North Chingford to visit the Equinox Judo Club Dojo. Here they were given the opportunity to learn some self-defence moves as well as some basic Judo techniques. Nine students made the trip to the dojo (mat area) and although some were a little wary they all took part and had a great time.

Our students began the day by learning how to break their fall so that when they got thrown to the floor they did not hurt themselves. When confident on how to fall, our students paired up and were taught how to defend themselves from punches, kicks, bats and knives. Students also learnt how to throw with leg and hip throws. The day was a complete success and we even had some students asking if we could do it again!

On returning to school a very tired but chirpy group spoke about the difference between stopping people attacking us and arresting them. We spoke about the different job roles that would use the power of arrest and the consequences that could occur if a professional does not stick to the rules of arrest.


Wednesday 12th June

On Wednesday 12th June, 10 students had a day at Leyton Leisure Lagoon Swimming Pool in the morning and then had a 5 Aside football match in the afternoon. Although many of our students should have been given the opportunity to swim in primary School we found that many of our young people were still unable to swim a length. The layout of the pool however meant that they were able to stand up anywhere in the pool which allowed some of our students to get over their initial fears. They also had a great time using the water slide and splash pool.

This was the first time that we have taken a group swimming this term and due to the success of this trip we now have swimming groups going out in both KS3 and KS4. On returning from the pool we spoke about careers that relate to swimming such as being a lifeguard or swimming instructor. We also spoke at length about careers in the exercise and fitness industry. In the afternoon we then made our way across to Goals Football Pitches for a mixed football match. It was a lovely afternoon in the sun and all of our students were involved in the game. A high scoring game ended in a draw and another excellent day had by all.

Picnic/Fun day Valentines park Ilford:

Thursday 13th June

On Thursday 13th June, 11 students went on a trip to Ilford’s, Valentines Park. It was overcast when we set out and the forecast was for showers all day. The weather didn’t seem to affect the mood however and we arrived in good time. The day was planned so that the students had full control over the activities that we participated in and on arrival the students decided that they would like to go for a walk around the lake. We bought some bird food from the café and set out for a lovely stroll that lasted over an hour. The weather held off throughout the walk and we had some really interesting, in depth conversations about wildlife and the planet. We also spoke about jobs in the horticulture sector.

We then found a field so that we could have our picnic and for half an hour we had a really nice time. As predicted however the showers came in and we had to run to the café to finish our lunch. Luckily the shower did not last for long and we were able to carry on our fun day with games of football and cricket. The students had a wonderful time and were impeccably behaved.

Science Museum:

Friday 14th June

The year 10’s had a successful trip to the Science museum, confidently navigating their way through the London Underground system to South Kensington,  having visited the Natural History Museum the week before. Their favourite exhibition by far was the  ‘Who am I?’ Interactive gallery, where they spent most their morning exploring how their genetics and upbringing might combine to create their identity in this ‘hands on’ exhibition.

After a spot of lunch the students visited the materials section where they explored the unexpected properties of different materials and were brave enough to cross a narrow bridge across the top of the museum (see picture). A special mention to Jesse, who won the Science challenge I set them and to Hamim, for offering his seat up for an elder member of the public on the way home, even though he was exhausted from his museum experience.