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Creative Arts

Subject statement

Creative Arts is broken down into Drama, Art and Music lessons. These subjects aim to develop individuality; to encourage students to think and express themselves with flair and confidence and to encourage tolerance and understanding.  It also gives an opportunity for learners to understand the benefits of participation in the arts, performance and creativity during their time with us at and throughout their lives. Students are given opportunities through practical learning and written activities to experience the world around them and begin to appreciate situations from more than one perspective. Through Creative Arts, we encourage students to question and challenge their perception of the world and develop the soft skills employers seek: Confidence & Communication, Concentration, Empathy & Sensitivity, Understanding the viewpoints and emotions of a range of characters, Co-operation & Team-work and Creativity Evaluation & Appreciation to communicate their intentions to an audience and an ability to evaluate their own and others’ work.

Point of Contact:
Leah Nava-Croft: