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Curriculum, Aims, values and Ethos

Curriculum Intent Statement

Pupils who attend Hawkswood Therapeutic School exhibit a wide range of mental health and educational needs. The nature of these difficulties often result in delayed educational engagement and academic progress; alongside underdeveloped social emotional skills, which are necessary to springboard pupils back into a fulfilling life. 

Hawkswood therefore seeks to provide a wide varied and flexible curriculum that addresses the needs of our pupils.  Hawkswood statement of intent supports 2 main aims of the national curriculum

1) To provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and achieve

2) To promote pupils spiritual moral social and cultural development and prepare all pupils for the opportunities responsibilities and experiences of life.

Aims and Objectives

The aims of our school curriculum are:

  • To engage and support pupils to regularly attend school.
  • To enable all pupils to learn and develop their skills applying a growth mindset.
  • To develop positive and aspirational attitudes towards learning both immediate and lifelong.
  • To ensure that pupils develop the basic skills of literacy numeracy skills through targeted support.
  • To enable pupils to develop their creative potential and to communicate thoughts emotions and ideas.
  • To develop an understanding of the evolving world and key issues that affect environmental change.
  • To help pupils understand Britain’s cultural heritage and become positive and aspirational citizens.
  • To support progression to post 16 and or reintegrate back to an appropriate setting.
  • To support pupils in developing a strong moral compass and an awareness of their own personal development.
  • To develop the ability to overcome challenges and develop self-belief and independence.

The curriculum at Hawkswood Therapeutic School provides for a range of activities and interventions to enrich pupils experiences, and address the challenges pupils may face.  There is an emphasis on the balance of academic knowledge and development and the learning of emotional and mental wellness, which together prepare the pupils for life beyond school


We aim to empower our pupils to become more responsible citizens.  We aspire to use all the talents and abilities they have been gifted with and to achieve outcomes that will make a real difference not just their individual worlds but to the wider world around them.  Our staff and pupils are currently redefining our school values, following the significant changes which have occurred over the last 2 years.

Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum at Hawkswood is delivered through face to face lessons in mixed ability groups we have three classes:

  • Hornbeam Class
  • Beach Class
  • Chestnut Class

Pupils have 25 lessons per week and follow the core national curriculum which is combined with a creative and wellbeing offer which includes:

English and Reading

  • Maths
  • Science
  • Enrichment
  • Art
  • Physical Education, Health and Leisure
  • Careers
  • Computing
  • Personal Development

Some pupils also have independent study lessons, where they can continue additional subjects on offer through their mainstream school.

Physical Education, enrichment and personal development plays an important role in improving wellbeing, mental health and social skills.  Lesson 5 each day is focused on personal development and delivered through a range of enrichment activities including:

  • Gardening
  • Film Making
  • Cooking
  • Forest Walking
  • Book Club
  • Collaborative Games
  • Board Games
  • Sport

The school council is involved in the design of the enrichment curriculum.

Sex Relationships Education form part of the curriculum.  We provide opportunities for pupils to learn about sex and relationships through questions and discussion in an atmosphere without embarrassment through science and PHRSE.  Regular contact with outside agencies further enriches the opportunities pupils are offered to explore sensitive issues. The presence of the school nurse on fortnightly visits also promotes healthy attitudes and understanding of these issues

The curriculum is supported by trips and visits which support the development of cultural capital and personal development.  This year we have visited colleges, theatres, galleries, family picnics and hikes and will be seeing ‘& Juliet’ as part of our learning about the modern day Shakespeare!


Ongoing assessment through weekly targets, mini plenaries carefully planned questioning and reasoning opportunities will be effectively used to ensure the correct scaffolding is built into lessons to ensure that all children achieve.

Pupils will know what they are being asked to learn and were more importantly why.  They will become increasingly confident when discussing and critiquing their learning through regular feedback both written and verbal between the teacher and learner.

Hawkswood assess both academic skills and social emotional, problem-solving and wellbeing skills.  In Key Stage 4 pupils are also assessed based on the GCSE Grade 1 to 9 system.  Outcomes for each child are recorded in pupil profile updates.

Reports are sent home to parents each term and can be discussed at parents meetings.  However we welcome contact with parents at any point during placement.