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Pupils who attend Hawkswood Therapeutic School exhibit a wide range of mental health and educational needs. The nature of these difficulties often result in delayed educational engagement which hinders their academic progress and delayed or underdeveloped social and emotional skills.  This impacts on their ability to develop the well-being and mental health attributes necessary for life and learning.

Hawkswood therefore seeks to provide a nurturing curriculum that addresses the varied needs of our pupils.

Hawkswood’s statement of intent supports the two main aims of the National Curriculum:

  1. To provide opportunities for all pupils to learn, achieve and thrive
  2. To promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.


The curriculum at Hawkswood Therapeutic School is a bespoke curriculum specifically designed for our cohort.  A blended combination of a core curriculum, enrichment experiences, therapeutic care and interventions.  This approach promotes the development of skills and attitudes which will enable pupils to develop school positive and responsible attitudes, strong values, resilience, confidence and independence and a growth mindset

The school curriculum is underpinned by our vision statement: Empower Aspire Achieve.

Planning and Organisation

Long term/ medium term plans are reviewed regularly in line with current legislation and the changing needs of the school population.

There is an emphasis on learning emotional/ mental health attributes and literacy skills to prepare the pupils for life beyond school.

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is supported via direct teaching, via the ethos of the school through fostering tolerance, respect and trust, via educational visits, in class tutorial sessions, mentoring as well as participation in charity events and via individual therapeutic input.

Personal, Social, Relationship and Sex Education forms part of our core curriculum and pupils are supported to learn how to keep themselves safe at school, home, out of school and on-line.

The core curriculum for Hawkswood is delivered in small teaching groups where pupils feel safe and can develop the confidence to improve personal, social, cognitive and creative skills as well as health and wellbeing. 

All pupils follow the National Curriculum at Key stage 3 and 4. KS4 GCSE subjects include:
  • Maths: GCSE (AQA) 
  • English GCSE (AQA) 
  • Science Double GCSE (AQA)
  • Art and Design (EDEXEL)
  • PE (BTEC starting in 2021)
  • Computing
  • Careers
  • Personal, Social, Relationships & Sex Education
  • Arts Award
  • AQA Unit Awards
  • 1:1 additional support for literacy and numeracy
  • Offer includes both long course and short courses GCSE options.
  • Each Wednesday afternoon there is an assembly for all at which specific themes are promoted and the schools celebrates the successes of the previous week. These assemblies are led by staff and pupils can play an active part in them.
  • Physical Education plays an important role we have two enrichment afternoons which enable pupils to engage in team activities, individual sports and challenges, turn taking games and forest walks.  Some of our favourite activities include table tennis, cricket, volleyball, board games and football.  We have just started to learn archery, new age curling and boccia.
  • It is the policy of Hawkswood Therapeutic School that Sex and Relationships Education should form part of the curriculum of the school. We provide opportunities for pupils to learn about sex and relationships through question and discussion in an atmosphere without embarrassment through Science and Personal, Social, relationships and Sex Education (PSRSE).
  • Regular contact with outside agencies further enriches the opportunities pupils are offered to explore sensitive issues. The presence of the school nurse on fortnightly visits also promotes healthy attitudes and understanding of these issues.
Monitoring and review
  • Our Management Committee is responsible for monitoring implementation of the school curriculum. This committee reviews each subject area in accordance with the policy review schedule.
  • Governors to oversee the implementation of the curriculum. The governors monitor closely the way the school teaches these subjects.
  • The Headteacher is responsible for the day to day organisation of the curriculum. The Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team monitor the planning and implementation of the subject curriculum and staff.
6. Assessment and progress
  • The New Curriculum offers more challenge in that it takes a deep learning approach to subjects i.e. learn fewer things but in greater depth. The aim is to ensure that pupils have a secure and deep understanding of the subject content they are learning about. As such, our assessment practices take account of this.
  • Most of our pupils enter Hawkswood below age related expectations so we have a system that tracks progress and allows us to measure even the smallest amounts of progress. We are then able to celebrate each pupil’s individual milestones.
  • When a pupil is referred to Hawkswood, they will complete baseline assessments in all the core areas of the curriculum in addition to reading, spelling and a range of therapeutic tests. This allows staff to have a clear baseline from which to support learning both academic and personal.
  • Assessment is based on the new GCSE grade 1-9 and is progressive through years 7-11. Pupils are awarded grades weekly with fine grading to show incremental steps in learning and understanding allowing us to track closely areas of strength and development. Pupils have access to their tracking data online and can view their progress at any time. Termly reports are sent home to parents and discussed at termly Open Mornings.