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Curriculum Intent

Forest Pathway College has recently been through a process of change under new leadership. Our staff  are passionate about working with young people and endeavour to provide them with an outstanding educational package.

Our aims are to:

  • Create successful independent learners who make good progress in all subject areas offered
  • Develop  individuals who are resilient to change and able to make mature decisions
  • Provide pupils with the skills to integrate into British life and become worth while members of their communities and society as a whole
  • Develop pupils employability skills to ensure they are able to progress and in the long term and enjoy financial security
  • Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

The curriculum is a mixture of academic subjects and those which will develop our pupil’s skills and understanding of British life. It is essential that when our pupils arrive in the country they feel able to maintain a happy and healthy life and develop the ability to integrate into school and wider society.