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Education for Employability is extremely relevant at Hawkswood Primary. Our aims in teaching and learning is about inspiring young people to have belief and determination to follow their ideas, to take risks, and to understand how to live and work in today’s constantly changing world. We work to a Nurturing, holistic curriculum where we aim to develop pupils skills and understanding where we ensure that all young people develop the personal qualities, skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes which will give them a strong foundation for lifelong learning and work. 

Employability is not something new in primary schools. Employability should not be seen as an additional subject or an ‘add on’ to the curriculum. Instead, it is best viewed as an ‘approach’ to teaching and learning. This approach engages learners especially when pupils are given a real context with a relevant purpose when participating in enterprising activities.  Employability in the classroom can take many forms. At Hawkswood Primary we believe that Employability is child centred. It provides a cross curricular methodology for learning and develops life-long learning skills, attitudes and competencies. A large part of Employability is about how teachers and students approach their lessons in an enterprising way.

At Hawkswood Primary, we aim for pupils to turn their ideas into reality. This is supported by an ongoing drive to imbed a 'Growth Mindset' into everything we do. We ensure this happens through embedding a Growth Mindset into all of our pupils though everything they do. The impact of this is continually monitored to ensure we can measure the impact of what having a Growth Mindset can do to benefit everyone.