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What does Enrichment look like at Hawkswood Primary? 

We offer a wide range of enrichment activities and extended enrichment services for our pupils.

Enrichment opportunities during our after school clubs include sports, design and technology, gardening, choir, computer activities, wheels club and a variety of Nurturing social skills opportunities. The programme for these activities change termly to ensure we are continually meeting the needs of our pupils. 

We provide breakfast for our pupils at the start of each day and take pride in providing daily PE lessons across both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We have found that having daily physical activity keep the brain active and sets the children up for the rest of the school day. 


Enrichment is an important part of our provision at Hawkswood Primary because it provides opportunities to develop aspects of the child's learning and experience above and beyond the National Curriculum. Enrichment is delivered in a variety of ways:

Access to enrichment materials

Pupils are given access to the Internet or Library to research a topic more widely. We ensure all pupils remain safe online by teaching these skills through our ICT lessons and SMSC.


Visits by pupils to see specialists or places of interest e.g. the Science museum, the V&A and the discovery centre are planning for the coming academic year.  

Opportunities to work with talented adults or older peers

These opportunities include special sessions or workshops run by visiting experts or groups as well as utilising the skills of our staff for example, gardening and design and technology after school club opportunities

Clubs and societies

Participation in clubs and organised activities can enrich pupils, especially if what they offer expands upon the child’s existing knowledge base. We are currently building on a new School Council to widen these opportunities to our pupils and to give them a voice in our school.

Performing & Broadcasting

Children from all year groups have opportunities to perform to other pupils, parents and the wider community e.g. Christmas assembly, year 6 leavers production, choir, working with BBC and assemblies.


These could be either inter-class, Key Stages, or our local community, and either cross-curricular or confined to a particular subject area.