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Examination Results

At Forest Pathway College we strive to get our students the best results possible in the time available.  Although our GCSE results may not always quite reach national averages this needs to be viewed in the context of the vast majority of our students only having, at most, 8 months in which to complete a 2 year course. In this context this year's results were very good and a credit to our students and staff.

50% of pupils sitting GCSEs achieved 5 or more 9 - 4 GCSEs up from 25% in 2017.

Pupils achieving grades 9 - 4 in the core subjects

English 42% (national 70.2%)

Maths 66% (national 70.9%)

Science 62% (national 54.8%)

Pupil progress

Our students' final grades are very important to them in terms of what they can go on to study at college but equally important is how much progress we have helped them to make during their stay with us.

Percentage of students making one or more levels of progress

(One level of progress means moving up a grade e.g. from a grade 3 to a grade 4 or in our entry level qualifications moving up a level e.g. from entry 2 to entry 3).

English GCSE 73% (31% made 2 or more levels of progress)

Maths GCSE 83% (52% made 2 or more levels of progress)

Science 96% (69% made 2 or more levels of progress)

ESOL Reading 72%

ESOL Writing 69%

ESOL Speaking and Listening 62%

Maths 91%

For more details and analysis and comparison of our results with previous years please download the report below.