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Examination information

Press release - Further details on exams and grades announced regarding Coronavirus(COVID-19)

Important Information Update

Exams Contingency day

I am writing to make sure you are aware that a national contingency day for GCSE and BTEC exams has been set for the summer 2020 exams. The contingency date has been arranged for examinations, should sustained national or local disruption arise during the summer 2020 examination series.

The date that has been set aside as the contingency day is Wednesday 24 June 2020. We are unable to predict whether or not students will be required to sit an exam on this date, however, it is clear that this date will be used should any exam need to be rearranged by any of the national exam boards.

Students will receive their final exam timetables in the spring term, the contingency exam date which has been arranged by the exam boards will not show on student's individual timetables, but does apply to all students. Students must be available to sit an exam on and up to this date should the need arise, therefore holidays should not be booked before this date.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Miss Sarah Smith

Assistant Headteacher / Exams Officer




Background to GCSE reforms

Changes to the GCSE's reflect the government’s intention that the qualifications better prepare students for further study and work, are more stretching for the most able students, and remain accessible to the range of students who have traditionally taken GCSE's.

At Burnside Secondary School we value our pupil's exam success as well as other vocational course results. Based on the recent Department for Education figures we are above the National Average for AP school, in English, Maths and a varied range of other subjects.

We also have other accreditations such as AQA Unit Awards and BTech: Sports and Active Leisure which our students access at Burnside.

For more information about GCSE's see link below.


Burnside Exam Results

*DFE 2018_AP_tables: GCSE and equivalent results in England 2017/18 (Revised)

Year 11 GCSE Results - 2018

1) 4+ in Eng/Maths (2017 onwards): 1/5 students = 20% 

24+ in Eng/Maths (2017 onwards):  0/5 students = 0% 

3) Got a 3 or better in Maths : 1/5students = 20%

4) Got a 3 or better in English Lang/Lit : 2/5 students = 40% 

5) Got 3 GCSE's or more at Grade C/Grade 4 or more in any subject: 1/5 students = 20% 

Our other achievements in brief:

  • 1 Year 11 got 4 GCSE's including English and Maths, a Grade 6 in English Literature and a Grade B in Preparation for Work
  • 4 Year 10's got a Grade C in Preparation for Work
  • 1 Year 10 student got both a 4 in Maths and a Grade C in Preparation for Work
  • 1 Year 10 got a Grade 4 in Religious studies and Grade C in Preparation for Work
  • 6 students inYear 11 achieved passes in 2 AQA Unit Awards for Sociology
  • 7 students in Years 7 - 9 achieved passes in 5 AQA Unit Awards for Horticulture

These are students who have improved on their English, maths and science from their baseline assessment (average of 3 subjects) to the first half term data collection (average of 3 subjects)



  1. Daniella Ion – 7 sub levels (grade 1+ to 4-)

2= Daniel – 5 sub levels (grade 2+ to 4)

2= Usher – 5 sub levels (grade 1+ to 3)

2= Leon – 5 sub levels (grade 2+ to 4)

  1. Malachi – 3 sub levels (grade 2+ to 3+)


The only student who has made progress across the 3 subjects is Raage and he has made 2 sub levels of progress (3b to 4c)