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Forest Pathway College


From 20th March 2020 Forest Pathway College will be closed to all pupils until further notice. Please do not send your child into school until notified.
Exam Results Day - you can collect your results from George Monoux College on the 20th August 2020 between 10am and 12pm.


You may be aware that earlier this week the Government instructed all schools to close due to the Coronavirus, except to vulnerable pupils and those whose parents are Key Workers. We have contacted all of those who fall into these categories to offer provision. If you feel that you would like your child to be included and offered additional support please contact Ms Gabrielle Grodentz on:

07969 727 151


Welcome to Forest Pathway College

At Forest Pathway College (FPC) we aim to empower all our students to aspire and achieve in all aspects of their lives.  Academic attainment is important but with pupils starting from so many different points in their educational journey our main goal is to ensure that everybody makes good to outstanding progress during their stay with us.  We also aim to ensure that our students have the life, employability and social skills that they need for the next stage of their journey and for their future lives.  This is all underpinned by opportunities to develop morally, spiritually and culturally and to practise "British" values in everything we do.

We are a small school taking approximately 50 students every year.  This helps us to provide a supportive family environment in which the young people can feel welcome and thrive.

We are part of The Hawkswood Group but exist on our own site at The Outset Centre in Walthamstow. The Borough has recently renovated this building for us so that we can provide better facilities and safeguarding for our students.

We specialise in working with year 11 students who have had a disrupted education.  Many of these have arrived in the UK during Year 11 and require some extra help with their English (in some cases learning to read and write from scratch) or with completing their GCSEs in 1 year with additional language support.  Increasingly we also take UK born students whose education has been disrupted in some way and who benefit from our 1 year GCSE programme or from the smaller nurturing environment we can provide to help them complete their GCSEs started elsewhere. 

What can we offer?

  • Small classes (12-15 maximum)
  • Helpful teachers and support staff
  • Experienced staff who are used to working with students who are new to the UK and those from the UK who have had a disrupted education
  • The opportunity to take a one year GCSE course so although the students have to work really hard they are with others who are in the same situation
  • High quality pastoral support and liaison with parents
  • Extra help with English or basic skills
  • A supportive caring environment that helps students from overseas adjust to life in the UK or UK born students  overcome any difficulties they have had
  • A focus on obtaining as many qualifications as possible at the appropriate level
  • High expectations both of behaviour and academic performance – we want your child to achieve
  • Support in securing a college place for Year 12 at the highest level possible
  • Excellent rates of progress

Our programmes and interventions enable all of our young people to develop their basic skills in Literacy, Numeracy and British Values and demonstrate confidence to successfully transfer to their next step destinations.

Last year 42% of our GCSE students achieved a grade 9 - 4 in GCSE English, an impressive result given that that many of them had very limited English when they first arrived and 66% of pupils achieved a grade 9 - 4 in Maths, an outcome very close to national averages. 100% of parents surveyed said they would recommend FPC and 97% said their child made good or above progress. 

'Those at Forest Pathway College, whose skills in the English language are weak on entry, make good progress. They follow a range of appropriate courses which enables them to move on to further education at the end of the year'.

Ofsted Report

FPC has now been part of the educational provision in Waltham Forest for near 15 years with some of the original staff who helped to set it up still working here.  Over the years we have had a number of name changes and adapted to an array of challenges as needs change and develop whilst still maintaining our core identity.  We now look forward to developing our provision while continuing to provide a challenging, aspirational, caring and supportive environment to all the students who attend. We also hope they enjoy their time with us as we enjoy helping them to learn and and succeed.

Gabrielle Grodentz

Acting Headteacher

  • Forest Pathway College