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Hawkswood Primary PRU


''Hawkswood is our place. Students are helped a lot and they really like it here''  - Year 6 Pupil

Hawkswood Primary Pupil Referral (PRU) Unit and Social Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH) Provision provides opportunities for children who have struggled to cope in the London Borough of Waltham Forest's (LBWF) mainstream schools to re-engage in education. Hawkswood Primary PRU serves all of the primary schools in Waltham Forest.  It offers a short-term intervention (typically two terms) for children aged 4-11 who are struggling to cope in mainstream school and whose behaviour puts them at risk of exclusion. 

Hawkswood Primary offers a nurturing learning environment in which children are enabled to make personal growth, better manage their own emotions and behaviour, and make academic progress.  In addition, our SEMH Provision (8 spaces available) provides longer-term, high quality education for pupils who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) of special educational needs (SEN), and whose social, emotional and/or behavioural needs cannot be met in mainstream school.



Due to robust safeguarding, a relentless drive in raising and maintaining standards and an unwavering ambition to ensure that pupils benefit from our holistic, nurturing curriculum and rigorous leadership and management, sustained reintegration success at Hawkswood primary is at an all-time high.

Safeguarding is paramount in all that we do at Hawkswood Primary. We continually strive to strengthen our already robust Safeguarding practices in order to keep our pupils and staff safe at all times. 


At Hawkwood Primary our attendance far out ways the National average for Pupil referral units. Our attendance data for 2016/2017 was 91% and remained consistent in 2017/2018, also at 91%. This is a staggering 57.8% higher than PRU's nationally, something we are incredibly proud of and strive to achieve year on year. Our school attendance aim for 2018 /2019 is 92% and we are very confident that our pupils will achieve this.


What's been happening at Hawkswood Primary? 

Token Shop Banker - 2nd December 2019

After a very successful round of interviews we are delighted to announce that our new Token Shop Banker is Maison Perry. Maison proved himself to be confident, assertive and ready for this role and we were impressed by his professionalism and planning throughout the interview process. 

A further 7 pupils applied for the role of Token Shop Banker and although they were not successful this time round, the standard was so high that we have created other roles of responsibility as they all proved to be outstanding members of the Hawkswood community. The new roles and responsibilities are as follows;

Rhianna - Deputy Token Shop Banker 

James - Register monitor 

Zackari - Breakfast monitor 

Matei - Playground monitor 

The role of Token Shop Banker come with a salary of 3 tokens a week and all other respective roles at 2 tokens a week. This is part of our school carers curriculum, teaching our pupils the value of money and how to earn, save and spend appropriately. 

A huge congratulations once again for all of the pupils and their exciting new roles. 

Children In Need Fundraising  - Wednesday 13th November 2019 

We celebrated Children in Need a little earlier than usual this year so that the Nurture Group wouldn't miss out on all the fun! 

To mark the occasion, we raised money by coming to school in our PJ's! The pupils made such an effort and collectively we managed to raise £25.00 for the charitable causes Children In Need supports. 

Thank you to everyone who donated, wore their PJ's and joined in with our Children In Need celebrations!

Job Interviews - Token Shop Banker - November 2019 

We have an exciting new opportunity available to our Key Stage 2 pupils! On Friday 15th of November we will be holding job interviews for the new school 'Token Shop Banker'. In line with our careers focus, all Key Stage 2 Pupils will have the opportunity to apply and interview for the important role of 'Banker'. The application deadline is Monday 11th of November. Watch this space for more exciting updates! 


Harvest celebrations and Pumpkin Making - Wednesday 30th October 2019 

This week, the Nurture Group were delighted to find that Alexis's Grandparents had kindly donated three pumpkins to them. They had lovingly grown them on their allotment and it's safe to say, they were absolutely splendid! 

Key Stage one had a wonderful week using the pumpkins as part of their learning. They discussed how pumpkins are grown, explored the seeds that they'd scooped out, weighed the contents in maths and had a wonderful time getting brilliantly messy! 

A huge thank you to Alexis and Family for their hard work and donation.


Black History Month Celebrations - October 2019 

Throughout October we have been celebrating Black History Month, with a whole school focus on the life and times of Rosa Parks. The pupils have created Story Maps, Newspaper Reports, Recounts and Persuasive Letters which we were delighted to be able to share in our special focus assembly.

We are extremely proud of each pupils efforts and achievements; all works can be seen on our Black History Month display.


School Council Trip to 'The Works' - Monday 7th of October 2019 

We were delighted to take the members of our School Council to 'The Works' in Chingford to purchase items for our school 'Token Shop'. The Token Shop is new to our school and all of our pupils were able to request the items they would like to have the opportunity to save for and purchase. 

As part of our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC) curriculum and the National expectations for all students to learn about life skills that will support them both now and in later life. By introducing our new Token Shop, we hope to provide all of our pupils with the opportunity to earn ‘tokens’ each week which they will be taught how to manage, save and spend.

In order for this initiative to have maximum impact, the shop needed to be well stocked! Our School Councillors were ambassadors for Hawkswood Primary whilst at The Works; showing exemplary behaviour and outstanding manners throughout. 

School Council Elections - Tuesday 17th of September 2019 

We are very proud to announce that the votes have been counted and this terms new school council members have been elected! The following pupils to take their place in our new school council are;

Anniyah - Year 2 

Ishmail - Year 3 

Lewis - Year 4 

Christian - Year 6

A huge congratulations to all who ran for council and those elected. 


Genes for Jeans day - Tuesday 17th of July 2019 

The whole school took part in raising money to support the charity 'Genes for Jeans' today. Pupils wore jeans to school and their learning was focused around understanding why helping to raise money and awareness for the cause was so important.  

'There are around 6,000 genetic disorders. It is estimated that one in 25 children is affected by a genetic disorder. 30,000 babies and children are newly diagnosed in the UK each year'.

The pupils learnt more about genetic disorders and how they affect children and young peoples lives. We were incredibly proud of the pupils compassion towards these children and their eagerness to learn more. 

KS1 Beach Afternoon - Monday 22nd of July 2019 

To celebrate the end of the summer term (and for some the end of Key Stage 1) the Nurture Group pupils put on their flip flops and sun hats, modelled their coolest sun glasses and enjoyed an afternoon at the Hawkswood Beach! This term the pupils have been focusing on the IPC topic 'From A to B' which incorporated the beach as it's theme. Everyone had a wonderful time building sandcastles and making a splash!



Key Stage 2 Activity afternoon  -  Monday 22nd of July 2019 

As the summer term has come to an end, Key Stage 2 had an exciting afternoon of games and team building activities. From the waves of laughter and comments such as 'this is the best day in the history of Hawkswood!' I think it's safe to say the pupils had a fabulous time! 


Forest Walk  -  Monday 22nd of July 2019 

To round off a superb year the whole school went on an adventure into Epping Forest for an epic forest walk. Everyone had a marvellous time searching for wildlife, building nests, running through the long grasses and generally having a fabulous time in the sunshine. 


Wild Science  -  Tuesday 16th of July 2019 

We were delighted to welcome the Wild Science team into our school this week. From a fluffy rabbit, a scaly snake to a hairy tarantula; we got to experience some amazing creatures! 

All of our pupils showed respect for the animals, followed all of the golden rules in handling them appropriately and asked fabulous questions to improve their scientific animal knowledge! 


Sports Day  -  Monday 15th of July 2019

Today the whole school took part in our annual Sports Day and it was a roaring success! In their teams the pupils took on a variety of challenges including Shot Put, Football and Basket Ball events. The team work, comradery and effort shown by all was outstanding. A fantastic day had by all with extra special thanks to Mr Grange for organising such a fabulous event. 


Pedestrian Skills Training  -  Thursday 27th of June 2019 

For2feet visited our school to provide Pedestrian Skills Training for children in Years 4, 5 and 6.

All the children participated in this training and they were learning essential road safety skills that will make them safer pedestrians. Each group received one 45 minute training session on the pavements around your school.

The training reminded the children of Stop, Look, and Listen and included:

·         Finding a safe place to cross the road

·         The correct use of pedestrian crossings such as zebra/pelican/island that are close to the school or around where they live.

·         How to cross at junctions and near parked cars.

·         The dangers of cars reversing from driveways.

·         The importance of wearing bright clothing.

·         The dangers of distractions such as wearing headphones or using mobile phones.

The pupils had a fantastic experience and learnt so much which will enable them to remain safe on the roads. A huge thank you For2feet for a great experience. 


Empty Classroom Day  -  Friday 17th of May 2019 

Our Key Stage 2 pupils took part in 'Empty Classroom Day' as part of the global campaign  to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning.

The pupils carried out various activities such as;

- Pupils were involved in the nature trail walk in the forest and they were collecting leaves and sticks from the forest.

- Pupils could identify the different habitats in the forest and the area surrounding our school .

- They created a skeleton from sticks naming all the parts of the human skeleton.

- They made bird feeders from pine cones, peanut butter and bird seeds  which they hang around the school.

- Pupils were working in mixed ability groups and this resulted in the pupils developing their teamwork skills.

- The pupils were enthusiastic and they could all say one thing they did learn from the outdoor learning.

As well as having a jam packed day of new experiences and exciting new adventures, the pupils raised money for Parkview Care home, which we visited at Christmas time, by having a non uniform day. We are so fortunate to have our school ground surrounded by the fabulous Epping Forest, so what better way to make use of it than to explore and learning through it! Everyone had a fabulous day and all of our pupils expressed that they would like to do this again!


SATS week  -  Monday 13th of May 2019 

Across the country, the week commencing the 13th of May is the start of SATS for years 2 and 6. All of our year 6 pupils will be sitting their SATS here at Hawkswood, with our year 2 Nurture Group pupils completing their papers in their mainstream settings. We recognise how hard our pupils work throughout the year and although we understand the importance of these tests, we are proud of each and everyone of our pupils and know they will reach personal, not just accademic goals during this time. 



National Receptionist Day  -  Wednesday 15th of May 2019 

As Wednesday was National Receptionist Day, we took the opportunity to celebrate our wonderful Office Manager, Mrs Mitchinson. We recognise how much she does for our pupils and school team on a daily basis, but to have an opportunity to highlight and celebrate this was important to us all. Thank you for everything you do Mrs Mitchinson! 


Red Nose Day  -  Friday 15th of March 2019 

This year we marked red nose day by having a non school uniform day where everyone could wear something red if they chose to and of course, the obligatory Red Nose! 

A fun day was had by all and we raised a fabulous £25. Well done and a huge thank you to everyone involved. 


World Book Day Celebrations  -  Tuesday 12th of March 2019 

For this year's World book day Celebrations (following the success of our whole school theme last year), we decided to all dress up as the character 'Burglar Bill'. From the minute the school day started, everyone experienced a rich reading filled day, which included a 'Big Booky Breakfast' where we got to explore magazines, newspapers, story telling and of course some delicious breakfast treats! 

Throughout the day, the whole school took part in Burglar Bill themed lessons, including finger print art, creating wanted posters and making our own Burglar Bill songs using an app on the computers. We even a crime scene to explore and find clues for the 'mystery of the missing light box'! 

The buzz throughout the school was electric and fun was had by pupils and staff alike. Below, you'll find photos and quotes from the day;

"This has been the best day ever! I love learning like this!" - Year 6 pupil

"I really loved the crime scene, I felt like a real detective". - Year 3 pupil 

" We love reading but today we did so much reading and that's my favourite!" - Year 1 pupil

" I love this breakfast and reading magazines with my class family" - Year 2 pupil

" Today has been really good. We all look like proper (Burglar) Bills!" - Year 4 pupil


Ofsted Inspection -  January 2019 

We are delighted to share with you all that, following our Ofsted inspection in January we have be graded OUTSTANDING once more!

You can find a copy of the Inspectors report under the Ofsted Tab. We are incredibly proud of all of our pupils and staff here at Hawkwood. The outcome was incredibly well deserved.

''Short inspection of Hawkswood Primary PRU - Following my visit to the school on 15 January 2019 with Karen Matthews, Ofsted Inspector, I write on behalf of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services and Skills to report the inspection findings. The visit was the first short inspection carried out since the school was judged to be outstanding in June 2015.

This school continues to be outstanding. The leadership team has maintained the outstanding quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You are rightly proud of your work around pupil well-being, and ensuring that pupils are ready for learning. This has enabled you to establish a calm and purposeful learning environment for pupils despite previous negative experiences of education. Your determined leadership has had a massive impact on the attitudes and subsequent opportunities for your pupils. You have given life chances that would otherwise not be there. You and your staff know each and every pupil exceptionally well and are uncompromising in seeking the absolute best. Consequently, the pupils value the education they receive. One parent I spoke to told me that the school provides, ‘the best experience ever for all our children’. Despite challenging circumstances, attendance for most pupils is significantly improved from their previous schools. This is because you have strengthened systems around tracking absence and apply them consistently. Staff are overwhelmingly positive about the school, and they report a sense of pride and belonging. They feel that they have the support of school leaders and that the school is well managed. Relationships between staff members are strong, and they provide effective support for one another, particularly around dealing with challenging behaviour.''


ITN News - Friday 18th January 2019 

On Friday evening, during the 6 O'clock news, Hawkswood Primary was featured on the ITN on ITV. Alongside our colleagues at 'The Difference', our parents and our pupils were able to share a glimpse into everyday life at our school to the viewing public. We are always proud of our pupils and their families but being part of this news broadcast highlighted how incredible they are to a much wider audience. 

To view the broadcast, follow the link below;


National Schools Breakfast Programme  -  January 2019 

We are delighted to share that we have applied and been accepted onto the National School Breakfast Programme! We initially applied as school breakfast provision has been shown to improve educational outcomes for children, by improving their memory and concentration and encourage more children to eat breakfast before lessons. We will be supported to measure impact and strategies and would love for parents/carers to be involved in how we can continue to develop our breakfast club. 

Our school timings will remain the same and children will continue to start at 8.30am, so that all will have access to the breakfast club within school hours. If you have any ideas or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us as we would love to hear from you.


Whole school Christmas Jumper day  -  December 14th 2018 

We celebrated 'Save the children''s Christmas Jumper day as a whole school and it got everyone feeling really festive! A huge thanks to all of our Pupils and Staff who joined in and helped bring festive cheer to our school community. 


Whole school visit to Parkview House Care Home  -  December 13th 2018 

Our wonderful school choir visited Parkview House Care home to share the songs they have been working so hard to learn and perform from our upcoming Christmas performance 'Santa's Journey'. Each of our pupils made an exceptional effort to give a perfect performance, which in turn brought a bit of Christmas Magic to all of Parkviews residents. 

Ligia, Parkviews activities manager said; 

'Thank you so much for visiting us, it was such a wonderful time! Please feel free to come back, I am happy to organise together with you beautiful little projects  in benefit of both , children and residents.'

In light of this, we will be planning another visit to Parkview in the new year as both our pupils and their residents loved the experience. 


Christmas Poem competition  -  December 2018

Our pupils have taken part in the 'Christmas writing competition' that is taking place across the whole of the Hawkswood Group. We are so impressed with the entries so far! To read them go to the link in our 'Parents and Community' section and watch this space to find out which pieces came first, second and third.


NSPCC Assembly  - 19th November 2018

This half term we will be joined in one of our whole school assemblies by a specially trained staff member from the NSPCC . With the help of their mascot, Buddy, they will cover topics like bullying and abuse, but without using any scary words or adult language.

Teachers are present throughout so everyone's familiar with the topics covered.

This will be followed up with a 1-hour classroom workshop where our pupils will explore the topics in more detail using engaging exercises where they will learn what's OK and what's not OK.

For further information you can visit the NSPCC’s website where you will find a variety of materials, tips and information -


UK Parliament Week  - 12th –18th November 2018

Throughout the week, our whole school joined hundreds of schools across the UK, in exploring and getting involved in the 'UK Parliament focus'.

We were very lucky to receive a visit from our local MP, Ian Duncan Smith and our Key Stage 2 pupils were able to ask him a variety of questions about his role as an MP, his previous roles in Parliament and a myriad of enquires about the House of Lords and even the workings of 'Big Ben'!

We also took the opportunity to elect our first ever school council members. 

We are very proud to announce that the pupils of Hawkswood Primary have elected the following members to take their place in our new school council;

Raequan - Year 2 

Alfie - Year 3 

Logan - Year 4 

Kairon - Year 6 

Everyone at Hawkswood would like to say a very special thank you to Matei, who returned to visit us after successfully reintegrating a few weeks ago. He was our honoured guest, who helped correlate the results of the whole school vote and announced the names of the successful candidates. 


Children In Need Fundraising  - Wednesday 7th November 2018 

We celebrated Children in Need a little earlier than usual this year, as we have a very busy week next week with all of our exciting plans for UK Parliment week. 

To mark the occasion, we raised money by coming to school in our PJ's! The pupils made such an effort and collectively we managed to raise £21 for the charitable causes Children In Need supports. 

Thank you to everyone who donated, wore their PJ's and joined in with our Children In Need celebrations!

Harvest - 15th –18th October 2018

This year we celebrated Harvest at Hawkswood Primary by asking our pupils, staff and wider school community to donate food and toiletries for our local food bank. 

We feel that our pupils learning about the power of supporting others is an integral part of involving them in their local community and teaching them the importance what others may or not have.

We were delighted with the amount of donations we had. This will now be given to our Local food bank 'Eat or Heat' in Walthamstow, that provides families who might be going through a difficult patch with free food. Thank you to everyone that donated, your help is valued and very much appreciated. 

Dyslexia Awareness Week - 8th –12th October 2018

We celebrated Dyslexia Awareness Week by challenging ourselves to solve the clues in our 'jumbled word trail'. All around our school dinning hall we had a variety of words that had been jumbled up and needed sorting. Each word described how it feels for someone with Dyslexia when faced with something tricky or that their Dyslexia impacts on in their daily life. 

Everyone really enjoyed the challenge of unscrambling each word, it wasn't easy!

National Teaching Assistant day - 17th September 2018

On the 17th of September we joined hundreds of other schools across England and Wales  to celebrate our fabulous Teaching Assistants. We treated our team to a delicious 'brunch' morning, where they got to drink a cuppa in piece, catch up with one another and take a moment to relish in their own achievements as an outstanding group of adults who provide our pupils with the upmost support and guidance on a daily basis. To our amazing team, today and every other, thank you for everything you do! 

Princess Beatrice of York and Holly Branson visit  - 17th September 2018

On Monday 17th of September we were delighted to welcome Princess Beatrice of York and Holly Branson, along with the team at 'The Difference' to come and see what we do at Hawkswood Primary PRU & SEMH Provision.

The pupils in our KS1 Nurture Group especially enjoyed meeting a real Princess! 

You can read more about Holly and Beatrice's visit by following the link below;

  • Hawkswood Primary PRU