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Healthy Lifestyles

At Burnside Secondary School we aim to educate all  students about Healthy Lifestyles. We understand that promoting physical and emotional wellbeing is a crucial part of every child's development. We want our students to be confident individuals, who feel safe and happy at school. We aim to teach how to be healthy and make the right choices. Teaching our younger generations about making the right choices in terms of eating, drinking, physical exercise, drug use, sexual relationships and lifestyle choices is crucial for later life.

These are some of the ways we encourage our children to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles:

• Ensuring they have a meal every morning at school at breakfast club

• Encourage them to bring in a bottle of water or give them access to drinking water during the day.

• Through our P.E. curriculum, the children experience a range of different sports activities and learn about the effects and benefits of regular exercise.

• Teaching them the importance of balanced nutrition and healthy food choices are taught through the Science SMSC and P.E curriculum.

• All KS3 & KS4 students are provided with one portion of fruit every day.

• We provide play equipment and areas which promote physical activity at break times, and we encourage all students to participate.

• Our SMSC curriculum allows our students to express and understand the different feelings they experience. In these lessons, we are able to teach our students techniques for dealing with their emotions in a responsible manner and hope that helps them to make correct healthy life choices.

Burnside's Physical Education Department offer the KS3 students 3 periods of sporting activities during the week. A double period is set aside for swimming throughout the year so that our students get to learn this important life skill.

We also offer AQA Unit Awards in curriculum based activities such as basketball and badminton. These courses are delivered over short periods of time so they are accessible to our students irrespective of the length of time they stay at Burnside. 

Our KS3 students are also given a choice of activity each half term. The students select from four activities and each student will get to take part in the activities of their choice throughout the term.

Our KS4 groups  take part in 3 lessons of Physical Education a week and work towards the Btec Award in Sport and Active Leisure. This is broken down into two separate courses, Unit 4: Taking part in sport and Unit 6: Taking part in exercise and fitness activities.