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Although Forest Pathway College is an intervention within it's self, we offer our pupils a variety of interventions to enable them to progress with rapid success, academically, socially and emotionally. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Learning Mentors who support pupils on a 1-1 basis, the focus of the sessions will depend on the need of the individual
  • An on site  Educational Psychologist working with particular pupils on a regular basis
  • Daily precision teaching interventions with a clear ESOL focus
  • ReadingWise to help pupils improve their reading and literacy skills
  • In class support from our very experienced Teaching Assistant
  • Extra curricular activities to allow pupils to catch up on work or gain additional support academically
  • Focused tutorial sessions to develop pupils awareness of SMSC.

"The teachers are friendly and very supportive and kind. I have made a lot of progress since being at the school in a very short space of time". Erika Age 15