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Although Hawkswood Primary PRU is an intervention within it's self, we offer our pupils a variety of Interventions to enable them to progress with rapid success, academically, socially and emotionally. This includes, but is not limited to;

- An on site  Educational Psychologist working with particular pupils on a weekly basis. 

- We provide daily precision teaching interventions. Precision Teaching involves short one-minute tasks to build skills by practising them regularly. Teachers identify the pupils who would benefit from the intervention via an assessment, and the pupils then have a daily session with an adult. The pupils are able to see their progress on a daily basis. 

- An on site Speech and Language Therapist working with particular pupils on a weekly bases. These 1:1 sessions provide language therapy to those children in need to improving their skill set. 

- Speech and Language group sessions weekly for our Key Stage 1 pupils. This provides attention, listening and communication skills to our pupils. 

- Read Write Inc (RWI) groups run daily to support our pupils phonetical knowledge and reading skills. 

- Evolving maths interventions run by our staff, tailored to individual pupils needs.