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KS3 Citizenship

Course Outline

SMSC / Citizenship lessons helps develop students understanding of themselves, others and the world around them. The Curriculum is set out to help pupils’ cope with the challenges of everyday living and in their development toward adulthood.

  • Self-Awareness:  Empathy, sensitivity and charity
  • Personal Health: Hygiene, Drugs, Alcohol and Body image
  • Healthy Relationships:  CSE , sex and consent
  • Rule of Law: Legal system, parliament and the EU
  • Rights and Responsibilities: Human Rights, Tolerance and Mutual respect
  • Democracy and British values
  • Prevention: Child sexual Exploitation, FGM and Radicalisation
Class 1 / Class 2 / Class 3

Autumn 1

Topic 1:

Introduction to Citizenship

Topic 2:

Human Rights

Autumn 2


Topic 1:

Rights & Liberties:

When Human Rights are Denied

Topic 2:

Promoting Wellbeing and Raising Awareness

Spring 1

Topic 1:

Crime and Punishment

Judicial  System

Topic 2:

Power and Politics

Spring 2

Topic 1:

The Media

Topic 2:

Global Issues

Summer 1

Life-Skill Unit 1:

Finances: Learning to Budget

Summer 2

Life-skills unit 2:


Assessment and feedback
Formative Assessments:
  • End of topic test (5-10 questions).
  • AQA Unit Award Scheme :Pre-Entry and Entry Level
Informative Assessment:
  • Starter questions
  • Plenaries
  • Peer marking
Student weekly outcome sheet:
  • Differentiated target based questions
  • Target setting
  • Weekly learning objectives  
Student curriculum map:
  • Units and topics
  • Success criteria
How parents/carers can help

To further develop and broaden your child’s skills and understanding of Citizenship concepts, you should encourage your child to spend 40 minutes per week doing independent reading ( this could be a newspaper) and going over the notes covered in class.

Encourage your child to watch the News; to ensure that he/she is up to date with social matters.

Test their knowledge and understanding by encouraging them to inform you on their learning, targets and lesson objectives.

Links to online resources
1. Citizenship and Active Citizenship

2. General support and Advice:

3. Drugs: