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KS3 English

Course Outline

As English is a foundation of other subjects, the curriculum offered encourages students to analyse, discuss and think critically about social, moral and political implications within literature. Through storytelling, creative writing, debates and a variety of differentiated written tasks, students are able to broaden their knowledge on radical viewpoints, history, interconnectedness and life experience.  By immersing our students in diverse range of literature we encourage them to become better thinks, better decision makers and more empathetic beings. Over the duration of the year students are able to practice their communication, literary and listening skills within the classroom by engaging in a variety of learning styles, including written and reading tasks, group work, practical and independent work.

KS3 2019-2020
KS3 2020-2021

Autumn 1

Novel Study: Noughts & Crosses

Novel Study: Holes

Autumn 2

Poetry & Creative Writing (Poetry Competition)

Creative Writing

Spring 1

Novel Study: The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Introduction to Shakespeare

Spring 2

Non-Fiction: Reading & Writing

War Poetry

Summer 1

Writing Devices

Greek Mythology

Summer 2

Fiction Reading & Writing

Non-Fiction: Vivisection

Assessment and feedback

Students are assessed at the end of every half term and grades are recorded in the assessment tracker to ensure progress is being made. Students are given the opportunity for one to one feedback with their teacher, provided with their grades and level descriptors so they are able to assess and evaluate how to improve their work in order to reach the next grade. Students are also given the opportunity to reflect upon what they have learned in class at the end of the lesson and what they think went particularly well.

How parents/carers can help

I strongly recommended encouraging your child to read outside of the school environment. This will help broaden their spelling and vocabulary, increase their reading comprehension and improve their social skills.

Links to online resources:
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The Literacy Trust Website, the ‘Zone In’ is particularly good

Parents In Touch