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Organisation of the School

Hawkswood Therapeutic School is situated in Chingford. Our setting is an off road site nestling amongst beautiful trees. It is a calm and therapeutic environment ideal for the needs of our pupils. 

We have been fortunate in qualifying for a new school building via the Priority Schools Building programme and therefore share a new custom built school with the Primary provision.

At Hawkswood Therapeutic School, we provide educational support and guidance for vulnerable secondary age pupils who have complex educational, emotional and mental health difficulties (tier 2 – 3)*.


-Mental health needs, which prevent pupils from accessing mainstream education. These needs are typified by self-damaging mental states and arise from a medical or psychological need and include pupils discharged from mental health/ psychiatric units (Tier 3)

-Pupils with individual challenges such as eating disorders, anxiety and depression - possibly with actual, or threat of, self-harm and obsessive behaviours

-Pupils out of school for a long periods of absence due to mental health illness /psychiatric conditions

- Acute anxiety/depression due to specific mental health conditions or a specific trauma

The provision is focused on developing the skills and wellbeing needed for reintegration into mainstream schools or a permanent specialist setting.  A Key Stage 4, provision will focus on both reintegration and preparing young people for foundation tier learning, GCSEs and future educational pathways.


-The optimum duration of a placement will be for between one to two terms

-All pupils are dual rolled with the intention of a return to their mainstream school

-All placements will be made by FAP or the SEND team for access to the Special Resourced Provision


Hawkswood Therapeutic School has a similar structure to mainstream secondary schools in that pupils are sub-divided into KS3 and KS4 groups. Pupils in KS3 follow the National Curriculum and pupils in KS4 follow appropriate accreditation programmes form Entry Level through to GCSE. All year 11s access GCSEs at both Foundation and Higher tiers.


Contact Details:

Nathalie Fitzgerald - DSL & Headteacher

Jason Brain -  Deputy Headteacher, DSL & Humanities Teacher             

Carole coleman - Office Manager/ Attendance Officer/ Exams Assistant