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Organisation of the School

''I love after school club because I get to spend time with my teachers and we work hard to earn it''  - Year 1 Pupil

Hawkswood Primary is set in an extremely pleasant corner of the borough, adjoining Epping Forest and well away from main roads.  We currently have two Early Years/Key Stage 1 Nurture Groups and three Key Stage 2 Classes. 

All classes have no more than 8 pupils with no less than one teacher and one additional adult. The pupil roll and admissions procedures are separate for our Pupil Referral Unit (PRU)and our Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Provision but the school is totally inclusive, and both PRU & SEMH pupils are completely integrated in the classrooms.      


Meet our Deputy Heads & Key Stage Leaders 


Miss Mattison - Acting Deputy Headteacher and Year 1/2 Nurture Group Class Teacher, and Early Years DSL

The Nurture Groups offers a caring learning environment for children aged 4-7 (Reception to Year 2).

Our Nurture Groups operate on a part-time basis  - children attend Hawkswood Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and continue to attend their mainstream school Thursdays and Fridays.  

The reason for this is to maintain and strengthen the bond (attachment) between the child and their school community whilst providing support to the child, family and base school in order for them to better manage their behaviour and improve their performance in school.  The Nurture Group children gradually increase their days in their base school, as they become more able to cope, until they are off-roll at Hawkswood. 

A strong emphasis is placed on phonics, basic literacy and numeracy skills, social skills and effective communication.

Hawkswood Primary belong to The Nurture Group Network.

KS2 PRU classes

Our current Key Stage 2 classes are as follows; 

Ms Kaur - Year 3/4 NQT Class Teacher 

Mr Grange - Year 4/5 Class Teacher 



We have three Key Stage 2 classes for children aged 7-11.  These are typically mixed age groups, most commonly years 3/4, 4/5 and 5/6. Occasionally there might be 3 year groups in a class, depending on pupil numbers and patterns of referrals.

The classes are fully inclusive of PRU pupils who attend for a short period of time and SEND pupils with an EHC Plan, who are on-roll at Hawkswood and will attend for as long as is deemed necessary and appropriate.

We teach the full National Curriculum with P.E., English and maths taught daily.  Pupils start every day with P.E. as this perpares them both physically and mentally for a day of learning.

KS2 children typically attend Hawkswood full time and will gradually return to mainstream/special school when they demonstrate that they are able to manage their emotions and behaviour sufficiently to cope.


Head Teacher

Nathalie Fitzgerald

Deputy Head Teachers 

Ms L. Mattison - Acting Deputy Headteacher Year 1/2 class teacher and Early Years DSL


Ms L. Mattison - Acting Deputy Headteacher Year 1/2 class teacher 
Ms Kaur - Year 3/4 class teacher  
Mr J. Grange - Year 4/5 class teacher 
 Year 6 class teacher

    Higher Level Teaching Assistance (HLTA)

Mr M. Richards

Learning Support Assistance (LSA)

Ms M. Jarrold 
Ms J. Gotts 

Key Staff 

Mrs Mitchinson - Office Manager 
Mr R. Barrett - Site Manager
Ms O. Lee - Safeguarding Lead for the Hawkswood Group