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Parent/Carer, Student, and Staff Voice

On this page we have a selection of quotes and extracts from cards/emails sent by Parents/Carers, Staff and students about our school and what we achieve with our students.

Student Safety:

“I feel safe because I trust the staff to protect me from danger”  LMu  Yr 11 November 2019 

“I feel safe at Burnside because all the teachers are caring and open minded. I know I can talk to whoever about how I feel and also they care about my safety and make sure I do not get into any trouble.”  Awa  Yr 10   November 2019

"Burnside is safe because of the wanding  that takes place every morning. It stops students bringing weapons to school." CTh  Yr 9  November 2019

“I feel safe in school because everywhere is fobbed. Also everything is locked away and all the classrooms are locked at the end of each lesson. The teachers, LSAs and Mentors all care about our wellbeing “  TRm  Yr 10  November 2019

“I feel safe in this school because there are a lot of teachers, but also all the doors have fobs. Therefore I trust that all my belongings are stored away safely.” DIo Yr 11  November 2019

"This school has become my family. I want to visit and show them when I am successful in life because they helped me to get back on the right track." Y11

"Burnside will always have a special place in my heart especially the teachers and office staff as they have treated me and my peers like their own children." Ghulam (ex-pupil)


Parent/Carer Feedback - Summer Term 2019:

What have you enjoyed/learned by visiting Burnside School PRU?

"The staff are always so welcoming. Burnside Secondary School genuinely care about their students, it is a safe and happy environment in which to learn. For the past 4 years I've been visiting the school on arrangement, which is initiated by Burnside. Burnside's pastoral team are especially skilled when it comes to knowing their cohorts and meeting their individual needs. Every  member of staff knows the students by name. I've often heard teachers and support staff asking questions and taking an interest in the student's hobbies. It's such a refreshing experience and one which young people feel valued." Jacqui King - Sexual Health Coordinator for Waltham Forest 2019

"They were so helpful and they are trying to help us. I feel safe and I can explain or ask any questions very easily because they are so helpful." Parent/Carer 2019

"Sense of community and the commitment of staff. All the success stories of young people who had been excluded from mainstream and then supported by the PRU.Overwhelming support and understanding." Parent/Carer 2019

"Burnside has helped my son they really have done well with him and helped him with his behaviour. He has calmed down and he listens more and does his work at school. The teachers have done a good job with my son and he has changed in so many ways." Parent/Carer 2019

"My son's behaviour has been so much better since coming to Burnside." Parent/Carer 2019

" Reminiscing about good memories at Burnside." Past Student

In your opinion what could we have done better?:

" I don't think you could have done any better because you have helped my son back to mainstream school which is the best thing ever." Parent/Carer 2019

"I don't know if you could because my son is now going back to School." Parent/Carer 2019

" You are under-resourced which is not your fault at all. Given the amount of support you were able to give my son there is nothing you could have done better - we are grateful" Parent/Carer 2019

"Nothing - It's amazing."  Past Student

What are you able to take away from your experience today?:

"I have worked at Burnside for 4 years now. During this time it has been very evident that young people are treated as individuals. The staff take time to establish relationships whereby they take an interest in the young people and praise their achievements. I use Burnside's excellent interpersonal skills as great examples when working in other schools."  Jacqui King - Sexual Health Coordinator for Waltham Forest 2019

"I know my son can take away good ways and good experiences with your school as you have been a good influence on my son." Parent/Carer 2019

"Just everything I was taught." Past Student

What Ideas or Comments would you like to leave with us?:

"Thank you for supporting young people's extra-curricular experiences by inviting me back year on year as an external facilitator for Relationship and Sex Education. It's evident you give students a well-rounded and holistic approach to education that simply works. The atmosphere within Burnside is one where young people feel safe and can express themselves freely. It's an absolute honour to work alongside such a talented and imaginative staff."  Jacqui King - Sexual Health Coordinator for Waltham Forest 2019

"Hugely impressed with the work you do and the structures you have in place." Parent/Carer 2019

"Continue to do the best and to all the staff at Burnside, I really appreciate the help that my son has recieved while being at Burnside, Thanks a lot!" Parent/Carer 2019

"The only ideas I will put down is to keep up the good work with all the children." Parent/Carer 2019

"Keep everything amazing!" Past Student

Thank You Quotes from  Past Students, Parent/Carers and Past Staff :

"I want to say how very happy Z and I were regarding O's time spent at Burnside. In a relatively short time he really improved. He improved with his behaviour and attitude to volatile situations. He has settled so well into main stream school and we couldn't have wished for a better outcome. 
Now we have the same hopes for our other son, I think he will take longer and I understand why. We have faith in Burnside and I know the teachers and staff will do they're best to get him through to main stream too. 
Thanks again for everyone's efforts to date. "
Parent email 2019


"To Burnside,

Thank you all for all of your help since I joined in Year 10. I know I have been a pain with all the trouble, but thank you for pushing me all the way and not giving up on me.Thanks for making me laugh when I was going through bad times. Thank you all for your support.                                                         I am going to miss all of you!" Past Student Card 2018


"To all the staff at Burnside School,                                                                                                       Many thanks for all your support. Here's to our next stage!                                                                Thank you for your kindness.

Will miss you!"  Parent/ Student Card 2019


" A has been a pupiul at Burnside since November 2017. Previously he attended W***** School. A came to Burnside a very different boy to what he is today, He was a very angry and emotional boy feeling that nobody would listen to him or help him in any way with his behaviour. A is waiting for an assessment from CAMS for a diagnosis on ADHA.

Since attending Burnside A is a totally different boy. They have listend to him and have helped him with his temper. A can be very challenging at times but with the help of the Burnside team pulling together this can be resolved. The team at Burnside are amazing and very easy to communicate with and without their help I would not like to think how A would be today."  Parent Letter 2019


"To all the staff at Burnside,

Thankyou for all the support throughout my time here. I am forever grateful.

To all the students, It's been a pleasure knowing you."  Social Work Student 2019


"Dear Bridget,

Thank you for treating me so well during my time at Burnside. Also thank you for entering me to FAP and giving me a second chance at mainstream school."  Past Student Card 2018


"To the Burnside staff,

Thank you all for supporting me throughout my time at my placement. You all have encouraged me to stay focussed and positive and I appreciate you all. You all do a good job with your students and are brilliant support factors in their lives. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"  Social Work Student 2018


"To the staff at Burnside School,

A really big thank you to all of you for your kindness and patience while I worked with the kids here this term.They have been fantastically well behaved and I'm sure that is down to all your hard work! I hope to work with you all again soon.

Best wishes"  Students from King's College London


"Dear all the Burnside staff,

Thank you for all your understanding, humour and support during my time at Burnside! I will miss you and all the kids(Mostly!).                                                                                                                       Thank you all for your guidance, advice and support. Working with you all has made our time at Burnside so enjoyable, we will miss you all and the kids."  Student/Parent Card 2019


"Dear Bridget and all Burnside staff,

I wanted to say thank you for everybody's warmth and support over the past term. you've made me feel very welcome. I think that the work that you do is amazing and the eternal positive regard you have for the young people you work with is precious. Keep fighting the good fight and I'll see you all intermittently in the future."  A member of staff from 'The Difference' 2019


"When I first came to this school I was bad and rude but I have changed for the better. I feel that all the staff have helped me through the whole experience. I have really enjoyed my experience here and hated it sometimes.I like the staff and they have helped me to behave properly. I will be leaving here soon and going on to college to study "Hair and Beauty" and I'm nervous but excited at the same time. I can't wait to go to college but I will definitely come back to see everyone and see how people are getting on."    Current Year 9 student


"When I first started at Burnside I was quiet and good but I was late most of the time. Let me not lie. The reason I am here was a serious one but my behaviour has changed, I never used to cuss teachers or do stupid things. The whole school is good and all the teachers help me"  Current Year 9 student


Quotes from our Year 11 leavers - Summer 2019:

Best Moment:

"Too many! great jokes" Barney

"Coming here" Bolade

"Mariam Bugging!" Jack

"Dinner" Mariam

"End of year meal-Big Easy" Kemal

Funny Moments:

"English" Jack

"Jetski with Harjeet" Bolade

"Too many with Callum to remember" Barney

How Burnside Changed my Life:

"Met family" Mariam

"More opportunities - helped me a lot in my education" Kemal

"Met new people who were there for me" Barney

"Made me a better person" Callum

"Opened my eyes" Bolade

Letters/Emails from Visitors to our school - 2019:

Below are a selection of feedback forms from Visitors and staff current or past who have worked or visited our school. 

Secretary of State for Education Visit Feedback:

OrganicLea - Currently working with our students:

Our students have been taking part in Horticulture sessions in conjunction with "OrganicLea"

Organiclea is a community food project based in the Lea Valley in north-east London. They produce and distribute food and plants locally, and inspire and support others to do the same. With a workers’ cooperative at their core, they bring people together to take action towards a more just and sustainable society. Organiclea began in 2001, with the idea that more food can and should be grown locally, in London – and that it’s better to work with others than alone. Agreement was given for the project to take on an acre of once-derelict allotment land situated on the edge of Epping Forest in the river Lea’s valley.

What have you enjoyed/learned by visiting Burnside School PRU?

"I have noticed that Burnside staff (from the receptionists to the learning mentors) are well equipped to deal with the behaviours of the young people that you work with.

I have also enjoyed noting that there are people working in your organisation who have a genuine passion, duty of care and interest in the young people that you work with.

As I walked through your doors the reception staff were talking to a young person about their Turkish exam which appeared to instil confidence in the young person and left them going to class feeling happy and emotionally buoyant.  These positive, (yet often overlooked) interactions in other organisations (with high needs young people), appears to have a very positive impact on the behaviours that young people from Burnside present."

In your opinion what could we have done better?


What are you able to take away from your experience today and how may this influence you/your school/organisation?

  1. "Efficiency and productivity in making things happen.
  2. Being proactive in contributing to creating a Teaching Volunteering and Outreach strategy (TVO) which allows us to do more work with organisations which share Burnside’s enthusiasm for making positive behaviour changes"

What ideas or comments would you like to leave us with?

"In my professional view, and after having delivered a session to some KS3 students to Burnside,  I think that Burnside are excellent at helping very challenging young people by targeting them with appropriate and specific support strategies, of which, employing  suitable  staff plays a significant role."  Marlon from "OrganicLea"

Student Teacher Placements 2019:

We have student teachers join us at various times of the year to gain experience.

What have you enjoyed/learned by visiting Burnside School PRU?

"Building relationships with members of staff and students. I acquired good resilience skills and learnt how to be more patient by observing teachers. I have enjoyed the different activities planned for the students and attending trips. Having my own group in the classroom environment was helpful as it prompted me to embark on an independent role acquiring better confidence when dealing with misdemeanours in the classroom." 

In your opinion what could we have done better?

"Being in classroom environments are more productive as opposed to sitting in inductions as we are not placed at PRUs for long period of time."

What are you able to take away from your experience today and how may this influence you/your school/organisation?

"Building good relationships with the students and showing interest in their studies by being patient when dealing with difficult behaviour creates mutual understanding and respect. I have learnt to not merely disregard misbehaviour but to converse with students and remind them of expectations even if it needs to be reinforced daily, as it will ultimately show students the teachers do care and have their best interests at heart."

What ideas or comments would you like to leave us with?

"The sports trips were useful as students were able to express themselves through their favourite activities so implementing this every so often might be good."  Student Teacher 2019