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Policies & GDPR


Some of our policies are below. They are regularly reviewed and changed by our Governing Body. If you wish to have a paper copy of any of these policies, please request them at reception.

Policies that apply to the whole of the Hawkswood Group can be found on the main 'Hawkswood Group' page.

We review our Safeguarding Suite of Policies annually  to ensure compliance with current guidance but the important thing is implementation and the impact of our policies. Therefore, we constantly check compliance and evaluate the impact of what we do. Our Policies have also been cascaded out to all staff and governors.

 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR

Schools handle a large amount of personal data. This includes information on pupils, such as grades, medical information, images and much more. Schools will also hold data on staff, governors, volunteers and job applicants.

Schools will also handle what the GDPR refers to as special category data, which is subject to tighter controls. This could be details on race, ethnic origin, biometric data or trade union membership. This data is already governed by existing DPA regulations, which ensure personal data is handled lawfully. However, the new GDPR has gone further and requires organisations to document how and why they process all personal data, and gives enhanced rights to the individual.

From 25th May 2018, any data subject (that’s someone whose data the school holds) can exercise certain rights with regards to their data. This means that a parent could ask for a school to produce all data it currently holds on their child, or a job applicant could ask you to erase all their details. Under the new law an individual could ask for their data in a portable form so they can pass it on to another organisation.

The school would be legally obliged to carry out these requests within 28 days of the request being given.

Key changes for schools

  • Demonstrate compliance: schools need to document every system used to process personal data. They also need to map how this data is transferred to other systems or any third parties.
  • Schools must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure that their school is fully compliant to the new regulations.
  • Processor agreements: for any third-party processors the school must have contracts in place stipulating that personal data is handled in compliance with the GDPR.
  • Reporting a data breach: if personal data has been put at risk, schools may be required to inform the ICO, and in some cases, the individual at risk. This would be done within 72 hours of the breach being discovered.
  • Staff training: despite the best efforts of the DPO in using compliant processes, these are only as secure as the people using them. Making sure staff are trained and there is a culture of data compliance is crucial.

Impact at Hawkswood Primary school

Key changes for leaders:

  • We now have secure records for holding and distributing data and all data taken off sight is recorded and monitored.
  • Our DPO is Maryline Alvis, a Education Data Protection Officer for the London Borough of Waltham Forest
  • All third-party processors now have contracts in to ensure that personal data is handled in compliance with the GDPR.
  • All data breeches will be reported within 72 hours of the breach being discovered.
  • All of the Hawkswood Primary staff have already or will be receiving training over the next few weeks. This will be an on going process to ensure all staff are up to date with expectations and changes regularly.
  1. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2019-20 -v4 - COVID19 pdf
  2. Recruitment & Selection Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  3. LAC Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  4. Fire Safety Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  5. Equality Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  6. Emergency Response policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  7. Data Protection Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  8. Charging & Remission Policy - Hawkswood Primary pdf
  9. Capability Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  10. DBS Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  11. Racial Equality Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  12. SEND Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  13. Staff Code of Conduct Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  14. Marking and Feedback - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  15. Concerns about a pupil - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  16. Behaviour Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  17. Rewards & Consequences - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  18. Screening Substance Weapons Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  19. Therapeutic Containment Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  20. Teaching Traditional British Values Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  21. Positive Behaviour Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  22. Hawkswood Group Safeguarding Tool kit 2019 pdf
  23. Accessibility Policy - Hawkswood Primary 2019 pdf
  24. Keeping_children_safe_in_education 2019 pdf
  25. Educational Visits Policy 2019 V3 pdf
  26. E Safety Policy July 2019 V3 pdf
  27. Harmful and Abusive Behaviour (Anti-Bullying) Policy 2019-20 V3 pdf
  28. Home Visit Policy Sept 2019 V2 pdf
  29. Anti-Radicalisation and Prevent Policy - Sept 2019 pdf
  30. KS1-2 PUPIL FRIENDLY - SG policy 2019-20 V2 pdf
  31. Screening Substance Weapons Policy December 2019 V2 pdf
  32. Staff Safeguarding Induction Policy 2019 V3 pdf
  33. Volunteer Policy 2019 V4 pdf
  34. Whistleblowing Policy 2019 - 20 V4 pdf
  35. Hawkswood Attendance Policy 2020 V4 with COVID 19 ADDENDUM pdf