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Staff CPD

Hawkswood Primary Whole Staff CPD

Spring term 2019

KS2 Life Skills Training 

KS1 Moderator Training

ELOP (East London Out Project) 

Gang Prevention (Part 2) 

Real PE training (whole school) 

Benchmarking training (Teachers) 

Emotion coaching 

Speech and Language training 

Autumn term 2018 

BlueSky training

Safeguarding Level 1 


Growth Mindset 

SIM training 

Team Teach training 

Nurture Group training  

ELOP (East London Out Project) (Part 1)

Behaviour as Communication 

Prevent Training 

NSPCC Assembly 

Read Write Inc

PM Bench Marking 

Gang Prevention (Part 1) 

Real PE training 

English skills and pedagogy training (LSAs) 

Interventions development training

Summer 2018

Leadership training 

Real PE


Spring 2018 

WRAP training (Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent)

LSA Skills Audits 

Behaviour as Communication training 

Evacuation chair training 

Autumn term 2017 

Female Genital Mutilation Training - Recognising and preventing FGM

CSE Training – Protecting Children from Child Exploitation

PREVENT Training - Channel General Awareness

First Aid Training & Pupil Observation Training

Team Teach Training

EP Training – precision teaching, supporting children with dyslexia

Anaphylaxis Awareness Training