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Student Council

School council Minutes 



Discussion: After School Clubs

- SCR discussed current after school club offer. 

- SCR shared that pupils had requested the following clubs;

dance / cars / science / running / movies /lego /music

- SCR will create a 'voting' system where pupils can votes for the clubs they want. 

- On 11.02.19 SCR will present the list in assembly and pupils will have until Wednesday to cast their votes. 

- SCR to meet with Mrs Gentles by 16.02.19 to discuss findings and where to go from here. 



Discussion: Safe Guarding/Child protection 

- SCR discussed how children are protected. SCR gave examples of Bullying, physically hurting someone, emotionally or verbally hurting someone. 

- SCR to present an assembly to whole school on Monday 30.01.19 to present the child friendly safeguarding and child protection policy.



Discussion: Online safety 

- Recapped who are the safeguarding leads 

- Discussed 'what is child protection?'

- Discussed how we learn about online safety in school and how this can be continued and built on 

- SCR to meet with MG (Head) to discuss today's matters further 



Discussion: reminders/pupil voice

- SCR reminded to change the British Values light boxes in classrooms and MG's office

- SCR reminded they are role models for other pupils 

- SCR introduced to child friendly safeguarding policy 



Discussion: Safeguarding

- What is safeguarding?

- Spoke about how to safeguard themselves 

- What to do when around strangers 

- NSPCC coming into school 


* Can we have basket ball hoops on the wall in the outside playground?

* More playground equipment (climbing frame/monkey bars) 

* Football pitch on grass

* Tyres to roll around



Discussion: Duties 

- How we present ourselves

- Supporting other pupils

- Holding meetings with whole class

- Learning how to start a meeting

- SCR in charge of changing British Value light boxes in classrooms fortnightly 

- Look out for the KS1 Nurture Pupils

- Show visitors around the school

- Help with Breakfast 

- SCR to give pupils stickers when they show a Growth Mindset/use of British Values