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Student Leadership

Student Voice

Student Voice is about young adults of Burnside Secondary PRU. Any student in any classroom in any year has a voice that should be heard in school. Student Voice allows students to share who they are, what they believe. At Burnside, we truly care about what the students think. Our ethos is to promote having a positive growth mindset, we value young people and give them ownership of their learning and opportunities to make a difference. We hold student voice meetings twice a half term.

Student Ambassadors 

At Burnside Secondary School PRU we expect all our students to be leaders of their own learning and promote positives changes in our school community. The student leaders are an integral part of our school. The students chosen as Leaders are students who have demonstrated a commitment to the school community, great student role models, and active participants in the academic and cultural life of the school. Most of our Leaders are involved in extra-curricular activities including sport, dance, music, art and drama. They show a willingness to become fully immersed in school life. We allow students across Key Stages 3 & 4  to be given specific roles and responsibilities around the school. 

Throughout the year, all Leaders are given the chance to bring a new idea and different approaches to implement in the school. 

 Our long term goal is to involve students more in the schools day to day activity, this can include helping at Parent/carer days, Lunch Time Clubs and Charity Events, to name just a few.

By representing the school, the ambassadors are given opportunities to practise and showcase new skills that they are developing, such as mentoring, self-confidence, public speaking, team building, collaborative working and problem-solving. These skills are incredibly important to their future. 

Our learning ethos is at the heart of ensuring the achievement and success of all our students. Learning is highly structured in terms of the learning routines we expect our students to respect and engage in every lesson. We focus on the importance of independent as well as group learning, developing both personal and thinking skills, students learn how to be resourceful, resilient, and reflective learners.  This ensures that students are leaders of their own learning.