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Uniform & Personal Belongings


Children are expected to wear the uniform of their mainstream School. This is so that the pupils understand that they are still part of their mainstream school and they have come to Hawkswood as an intervention. We do not have a uniform at Hawkswood, but request pupils wear a plain dark coloured jumper or polo shirt and black or grey school trousers/skirt. Shoes or trainers should be black.

Hoods, jeans and baseball caps are not allowed to be worn in school.


Only stud earrings (of a reasonable size) are permitted. Your child may wear a watch if (s)he is able, or learning, to tell the time. Our Health and Safety policy does not allow necklaces, rings or bangles to be worn.

Mobile Phones & personal belongings

Children are NOT permitted to bring mobile phones or other personal belongings into school. Hawkswood Primary School does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of personal items. Should you feel that you have exceptional circumstances which warrant the need for your child to bring a mobile phone to school, please make your request to the Headteacher in writing for her consideration.