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Values and Ethos


A key founding principle of the Hawkswood Group is to empower pupils to transform              their lives; to develop the confidence and ambition to make positive contributions to                their community and to enjoy the prospect of exciting and stimulating lifelong success.              We seek to support pupils in becoming articulate, numerate and literate individuals                    with the power to soar. In providing safe and stimulating learning environments,                        multiple opportunities and pathways to employability and the opportunity for a fresh                start, our aim is to ensure an inclusive approach that values all pupils as equal and                    delivers key support to engender self-belief, emotional resilience and positive choices.


We believe that Waltham Forest and the local community deserve a provision of which it can be proud.

The Hawkswood Group aspires to equip pupils not only with good qualifications, but with a range of experiences and opportunities to maximise their skills and talents in a safe, positive and stimulating environment. Through developing self-understanding and awareness, positive relationships, empathy and morality, pupils  have the opportunity to become positive citizens and role models for future  aspirations of our nation; they become ambassadors for inclusion viewing learning as a lifelong experience and challenge as the pathway to success.


The Hawkswood Group is passionate about education and providing the opportunity for      each pupil to develop exceptional knowledge, skills and understanding while developing           drive, ambition, confidence and belief to take on life’s journey. Consequently, each                      provision’s curriculum is student-centred and offers an individualised approach to                      education that inspires creativity in all aspects of learning and is specifically focused on            supporting pupils in overcoming the challenges and obstacles that have proved barriers to        learning. We are determined to enable success, to provide a wide range of exciting routes          to further education and employment and to utilise resources efficiently and effectively so        that our pupils develop into exciting and aspirational role models and leaders of the                  future.