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The aim of the Alternative Educational Provision programme in Waltham Forest is to offer a positive pathway to students who are not suited to mainstream education. As an organisation we recognise that “one size does not fit all”. For some students following a traditional academic pathway is not for them as they are more likely to engage and achieve by following a vocational route. The programmes are designed to provide KS4 students with high quality vocational and academic learning opportunities and access to a wide range of accreditations. The programmes are designed to encourage students to stay on in Education, Employment or training post 16.

The learning is place-led funded from the High Needs Block of the DSG. The Hawkswood Group coordinates all this activity on behalf of schools and the LA.

AP learners are taken off school roll in January of each year and allocated to a provider, with co-ordination and support provided by the Hawkswood group. Delivery of learning and direct support to learners will be the responsibility of the provider organisations in partnership with Hawkswood Group Alternative Provision Team.

The Alternative Provision programme has been part of a range of interventions that has supported the Council in successfully reducing the number of learners NEET over recent years and it is expected that this trend will continue in the years to come.

The learners are expected to participate in a chosen vocational programme that includes practical skills development and the knowledge and understanding needed to access the world of work. Alongside the vocational learning, the young person would be expected to make progress and achieve appropriate accreditation in literacy, numeracy, IT as well as in broader life skills.

To view the brochure for courses this academic year please click on the link below.